Change Agent Network

As we continue our journey into Project Forward, we’d like to introduce you to a group of individuals who have a special role in our integration project – our Change Agents!



Our Change Agent Network (CAN) Team is comprised of individuals from both legacy UAS Labs and Chr. Hansen organizations as we create the best of both. This group is an integral connection between the IMO and HR Teams and provides feedback to these groups as it relates to integration as well as provides information to employees as decisions are made.


What makes a great Change Agent?

In general, Change Agents are those employees who are comfortable with future perspectives and fueled by passion and inspires passion in others. Change Agents have a strong ability to self-motivate and most importantly, must understand people.


What do Change Agents Do?

Some of the key responsibilities that a Change Agent is responsible for includes:

- Listening to others

- Answering questions quickly

- Finds ways to solutions

- Helping make colleagues comfortable

- Being present, patient and empathetic

- Facilitating good communication with employees and IMO/HR


Who are the Change Agents?

Our team is comprised of the following team members:

- Chee Yang, Operations – UAS Labs, Wausau

- Daniel Kanitz, Maintenance – UAS Labs, Wausau

- Peggy Kasprowicz, Shipping & Receiving – UAS Labs, Wausau

- Dustin Basirico, Quality – UAS Labs, Wausau

- Gary Gierczak, Operations – UAS Labs, Wausau

- Javier Vasquez, Operations – UAS Labs, Madison

- Ryan Przybylski, BPD – UAS Labs, Madison

- Kayla Schonasky, Operations – UAS Labs, Madison

- Erin Watterson, Sales – UAS Labs, Remote

- Kristin Gross, Sales – Chr. Hansen, Remote

- Cheri Baker, Customer Service – Chr. Hansen, West Allis

- Keith Grover, Operations – Chr. Hansen, West Allis

- John Heltemes, Quality – Chr. Hansen, West Allis


Need more information?

You are encouraged to reach out to a member of our Change Agent team if you have questions or are looking for additional information as it relates to Project Forward. Additionally, if you are interested in joining as a Change Agent, please contact Dawn Wietholter or Jodi Houlberg or a member of the team.