Chr. Hansen Immunity Webinar

Join this upcoming Chr. Hansen webinar which will discuss probiotics for immune health with a special focus on L. CASEI 431®.



On November 19, at 8:00 CST Chr. Hansen, together with Nutrition Insight, will be hosting a webinar on probiotics for immune health, backed by science.


What To Expect:

Everybody talks about immune health. What should you be looking for when choosing a probiotic strain that may help support the immune system? Join Chr. Hansen's Dr. Adam Baker as he discusses WHY science is so important. 

*What should you look for when selecting probiotic strains?

*Clinical studies using an immune challenge model for validating the role probiotics may play in supporting the immune system 

*Differentiated probiotic strain solutions for immune health


Event Details: 

*Pre-recorded webinar with a live Q&A

*The event will take place November 19 at 8:00 CST

*Speakers will include Dr. Adam Baker, Mie Kristensen and Prof. Eric Claassen 

*Nutrition Insight will host and promote the webinar 

*The recorded session will also be available on-demand 



Pre-registration is required to attend and the event is free.

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If time allows, please consider joining to learn more about immune health and L.CASEI 431®!